Product FAQ - HaHen Aircraft Accessories for plastic model


The decals are printed on a full sheet of decal carrier film, please read the instructions.

All of my decals have been sealed by myself to protect them against fingerprints or disolution of the color when soaked with water. You do not need any setting solution because the decal film is very thin and flexible.

When you cut out the decals you should cut as close to the item as possible the edge of the decal film should not be any larger than 0,5 or 1 millimeters.

When You put the decal into the water it only needs a couple of seconds to soak with water.Then put it away for a minute and then you can easily slide it onto the model kit.

If it needs a small correction you can put a drop of water onto the freshly applied decal and move it into the right position.

Finally you should seal the finished model kit with gloss, semi gloss or flat varnish