Shipping terms

Costs for shipping and terms of delivery

Time of delivery

Even if your order is processed immediately, there might be delay in delivery or service due to Acts of God. In this case the seller is entitled to delay the delivery or service by the time of the fact hindering him to comply promptly.

Delivery abroad

Please no cheques/crossed cheques and cash in the letter.

Exclusively by prepayment or PayPal.


The goods ordered will be dispatched to you as soon as we will have received the full payment. The goods will be dispatched by post/DHL

All products that are shipped abroad, will be sent as a goods post with a tracking number and receipt sent.

Costs for shipping

  Germany Europe world-wide
up to 500 gr € 3,90 €  7,50 €  9,50
up to 1000 gr € 5,90 € 10,50 € 14,50
more than 1000 gr € 6,90 € 38,99 € 46,99