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New products 2020

Now available.

Decals. Convair CV 440. Lufthansa in 1:144 for the Roden or TwoSixModels kit.

Now also as an action product.


Decals for Convair CV 440. Executive Transport Wing in 1:144



Now available.

in 1:144

As a supplement to # 144041

Airbus A319-133X CJ der Flugbereitschaft FlBschftBMVg. „Open Skies“

Decal # 144041 has been expanded.

Airbus A319-133X CJ BMVg.



in 1:48




Airbus A321 of the Flugbereitschaft (flight readiness ) for the Zvezda kit in 1:144.




TF-104G 28+31 "Blue Boelcke" 25th anniversary of JaboG 31 1983 for the Italeri kit in 1:32



4 Resin engine blades with cone for Revell Boeing B747-8 and B747-8F in 1:144.



Now in 1:72 for the Revell kit.

Eurofighter. 125. Jubiläum Oswald Boelcke


Newly revised Rolls Royce engines for the Heller kit.




Decals 1:72 B707-436 “BOAC G-APFE”